Blood loss is one of the most dangerous problems anyone can face during an emergency. Action must be taken immediately in order to stop the bleeding and allow you to get professional medical care.

Here are five crucial tools and tactics to take in an emergency.

1. Apply Pressure

Hold pressure on the wound. It is best to have a sterile bandage, but any cloth will do the job. After pressure has been applied for an extended period, you can slowly release pressure to see if the bleeding has stopped. Avoid removing this initial bandage, as it is actively working to stop the bleeding. This is the perfect opportunity to use a dedicated compression bandage such as the Israeli bandage.

2. Pressure Bandage

Continued bleeding can be an indication to use a dedicated compression bandage, such as an Israeli bandage. Pressure bandages make it easy to cover the wound while maintaining pressure.

3. Clotting Agents

If there has been no significant reduction in blood flow to the wound, then the use of a hemostatic agent will be helpful. Prepare the treated gauze to the best of your ability while keeping pressure on the wound. Once you are ready, slowly remove the initial pressure bandage and quickly apply the hemostatic agent. Keep pressure on the wound as the agent begins to work in conjunction with your blood. It is important to cover the wound once again and continue to apply pressure.

4. Use A Tourniquet

If possible, the use of a professional tourniquet is highly recommended at this point. The application of tourniquets is something that should be learned during professional training under the guidance of experienced staff members. While there are dozens of samples on the internet, it is best to seek out professional instruction beforehand.

5. Get Professional Assistance

The previous methods can buy you some time, but they’re not a final solution. As soon as possible, seek professional medical help to prevent infection, scarring and amputation, and improve your ability to stop bleeding.

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