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American Frontiersman 2014, #153


Modern Day Mountain Man
By Tammy Trayer
Living off grid and totally on target, Austin and his folks have captured the true spirit of the wild!

Classic Camping Comeback
By Steve Watts & David Wescott
Remembering the pioneers and
reliving the ways of camping’s Golden Age!

Man Cave Decor
By Nino Bosaz
Get hooked on the Skull Hooker, a new-age way to show off your classic trophies.

Jedediah Strong Smith
By Ashley Lynn Hlebinsky
The Rockies, the Mojave and a grizzly attack couldn’t stop this man’s will to explore!

Craft A Camp Chair
By Wayne Williams
For canoeing, camping or sitting for hours in a hunting blind, this budget- and travel-friendly seat is the ticket!

Build A Classic Kentucky Rifle
By Frank Jardim
Dixie Gun Works and Pedersoli bring the frontier-era flintlock to modern-day shooters!

Starting New Traditions
By Jay Langston
Here are two new-school, in-line frontstuffers that’ll help you bring home the bucks!

Fish Basket Weaving 101
By Kirk A. Wahl
Learn to make and set hand-woven traps that’ll yield plenty of backcountry protein!

DIY Quality Quiver
By Michael R. Shea
Save a couple hundred bucks and learn to craft your own traditional archery back quiver!

Tanning Tutorial
By Clay Hibbard
A primitive DIY guide for turning your critter hides into workable leather with the perfect tan!

Make Your Own Wingbone Call
By Jill J. Easton
Bring in your next spring gobbler by wingin’ it with a one-of-a-kind turkey yelper!

Rifleman’s Sling Upgrade
By Tammy Trayer
How to transform your cheap, adjustable rifle sling into a get-out-of-a-pinch card for wild country!

To Catch (And Kill) A Coyote
By Jill J. Easton
Get to know one of nature’s most cunning predators and learn to beat them at their own game.

The Ultimate Rendezvous
By Richard P. Smith
Tag along to last year’s National Trappers Association annual convention and start planning next year’s jaunt, too!

Woodsman’s Handbook
By Keith Sutton
Sage tips and tools to keep you well fed, warm and active during winter’s chill.

Old Reliable Baker Tents
By J. Wayne Fears
A guide to buying and maintaining the classic half-open, backwoods home away from home.

Bamboo Bushcraft
By Thomas Ray
Use one of nature’s wonder plants to boil, steam and roast your way to exotic and tasty eats!

Crazy About Mountain Cur
By Larry Case
Get to know and train the frontiersman’s original treeing and trailing hunting partner.

Reckoning With Rattlers
By Lamar Underwood
Get to know the top four pit vipers before they get to know you!

America’s Mushroom
By Jill J. Easton
Don’t mess with morel ’shrooming until you feast on our expert guide to finding, storing and cooking ’em!

Town & Country Wheelguns
By Denis Prisbrey
Your guide to choosing the most versatile, dependable and downright prolific .357 Mag!

Around-Town Snubbies
By Michael O. Humphries
Compact, ultra-reliable and ever-ready for close-range self-defense!

New Frontier Rimfire
By Denis Prisbrey
Henry Repeating has done it again with its workingman-priced, .22 Mag, lever-gun beauty!

The American Flatbow
By Wayne van Zwoll
From Ishi the Indian to Pope & Young, right on through to Howard Hill
and today’s masterful craftsmen!

Pump Up The Good Times
By Jorge & Nicolas Amselle
Father-son duo wring out Umarex’s new trail-tough, 10-pump NXG APX air rifle.

Bowie Sheaths & Battle Blades
By Steven Dick
Hit Chisholm’s Trail today for rugged survival blades and leatherwork that can’t be beat!

Outhouse Alternatives
By Denis Prisbrey
Four compact, ready-to-go commodes for the camp, cabin or backwoods vehicle!

Off-Grid H20
By Jim Dickson
Keep your cabin’s water pumping, sans electricity, with this DIY project!

Portable Food & Drink
By Nino Bosaz
Before hitting the wild frontier, check out these survival must-haves!

Snaring Up Supper
By Keith Sutton
Noose-making and snare-setting tricks to keep you from starving in a survival situation.

Mountain Man Products
By Linas Cernauskas
New and noteworthy gear that can keep you out of trouble in the backcountry.

Current and back issue of the AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN magazine available here.

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