Today, it really concerns me how few of our preppers in this country are physically fit. Having watched numerous episodes of prepper TV shows, preppers seem to be confident about how prepared they are: 1,500 cans of food stored up, water barrels full, bug-out backpacks ready to go, locked and loaded, and even guard dogs patrolling the property.

What they don’t take into consider- ation is whether they could hike up to 20 miles per day with a backpack weighing as much as 35 pounds. Could they do this continually for up to a week to get to their “safe area”? Unfortunately, most of the ones I have seen would fail miserably.

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For many of you reading this, the subject of physical fitness and nutrition brings up pictures of boring, repetitive exercises in a gym, food for rabbits and added expenses that most of us cannot afford. Throughout this article, however, you will see how those boring pictures can be avoided and you can prepare yourself for the physical demands of a survival situation.

Feel The Burn
Let’s start with nutrition. I was taught that one could eat properly six days a week and on the seventh day you could cheat. Yeah, that’s right, I said cheat. But before we look at how to do this, we need to first determine why we are doing this. We are doing this to keep the fires burning in your metabolic furnace. Once you make this dietary routine a habit, you will not only see the pounds shedding off, but, more importantly, they will most likely not return.

You should eat five meals per day. If you’re wondering how in the world that is going to reduce someone’s weight, I’m glad you asked. Here is the secret— once you get into the routine of eating five meals per day that consist of the proper food, the serving for each meal is no bigger than your two fists. Also, you are no longer overloading your stomach with unhealthy junk (which takes longer to metabolize or burn up), and you will see the weight melting off you as it did for me. Yes, I was overweight, but using the system you will learn here I lost 36 pounds and have successfully kept them off for over two years.

Prepped For Action
At this point, I would be remiss if I did not first tell you that you should speak to your physician well in advance of begin- ning this program. You might have a medical condition that would require you to modify this plan.

First, you want to make sure you eat basically fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. Also try to eat as many of the fruits and vegetables in their uncooked state. That means lots of salads. If you do use them otherwise, try to use frozen vegetables instead of canned. The canned ones usually have too much salt and sugar and most of the needed nutri- ents are gone. You should also eliminate processed foods.

As preppers, we all need to have our own gardens (using non-hybrid seeds) and supplement them with freeze dried foods. Freeze-dried foods still have the required nutrients, plus you are going to be able to carry your freeze-dried food in your bug-out backpack and supplement them with wild edibles you find as you hike to your safe area. If you have not learned about wild edibles in your area, then get a qualified expert to teach you.

While hiking to your safe area, you will need a source for cooking. Of course there is the fire pit, but I also use a Sun Oven ( This device, which uses the power of the sun to cook your food, is lightweight and allows me to cook in areas where they are now restricting open fires for safety reasons.
If you follow the aforementioned plan six days per week (leaving the seventh day as your cheat day), your body should begin to show results, with more muscle and less fat, within three months or less.

The combination of nutrition and exercise will build your body core, which I think is the key to fitness, health and survival. If you don’t know your endurance level, take the family on a 5-mile hike and see what happens. Real preppers are not only prepared, but are physically strong with high endurance levels.

This article was originally published in the Survivor’s Edge ™ Summer 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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