bottle opener

How do we love drinking with friends, let us count the ways! For starters, we own the local trivia matches. Nobody beats the dream team of history geek, nerdy geek, sports geek, and pop culture geek. The other great part about a night out for trivia and beverages is watching cool bartender tricks and then attempting them at home. Except for the fire-breathing trick… that didn’t go so well.

The Butterfly Knife Style Bottle opener looks just like a butterfly (or Balisong) knife and it can do all the same tricks you can do with a butterfly knife. Except it opens bottles! Try THAT, butterfly knife! Anyhoo, this bottle opener is made of food grade, high quality stainless steel and guaranteed never to rust, no matter how many frosty bottles you pop open with it.

The bottle opener makes opening a beer bottle an artistic endeavor– it doesn’t just functions as a 5-star and easy to use bottle opener, it is also a great conversation starter.

Product Specifications:

Bottle opener that looks & behaves like a butterfly knife

Can do all the same tricks you can do with a butterfly knife (and opens drinks!)

Perfect gift for bartenders, beer geeks, knife enthusiasts, BBQ party throwers

Made of food grade, high quality stainless steel

Guaranteed never to rust

Each opener is hand-tested by the manufacturer for durability & performance

Safety Note: While this is not a butterfly knife, which can cut you up, it is a half-pound of metal. Be careful slinging it around lest you end up with a butterfly knife style dent in your forehead.

The Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener is available in black and chrome. Take a look at larger models of the Butterfly knife Bottle Opener and some with combs, tools, forks or even a spoon, and learn more about other products here.

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