Raven Concealment Systems — a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturer of Kydex gear for professionals and responsible citizens — has released its brand new EDC, or Everyday Carry, Combo Pack to help you prepare for whatever life throws at you.

The new EDC Combo Pack comes with Raven’s renowned Eidolon holster to keep your GLOCK hidden. This holster is perfect for both strong-side IWB as well as appendix/centerline carry. In addition, this pack includes one of Raven’s modular single pistol magazine carriers, as well as a set of pancake wings to give you additional options to optimize how it rides and conceals on your body.

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Also included in the EDC Combo Pack is an EDC Pocket Kit from CLEER Medical, which is a is a bare necessity trauma kit that helps you save lives in the event of a shooting.

MSRP is $199.99. You’ll save $30 if you purchase these items as part of the EDC Combo Pack, rather than separately.


* (1x) Eidolon Full Kit
* (1x) SMC
* (1x) set 1.5″ pancake wings
* (1x) CLEER EDC pocket medical kit

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For more information about the EDC Combo Pack, and the full range of products currently offered by Raven Concealment Systems, please visit

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