General-purpose multitools can be so dull, with this hatchet multitool, you can not only work out a household mechanical problem, but also kill zombies too as a little added bonus.

With the Lil Trucker multi-tool, you can kick ass and make it the ideal addition to any kit or car around.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the idea behind the Lil Trucker is to prepare you for emergencies, or just the unexpected. That’s why it’s packed a lot of tools into one.

According to Gear Junkie, The Lil Trucker is made by Philadelphia-based tool design and manufacturing company Innovation Factory, the Lil Trucker seems like a good, versatile design to include in a truck kit or bug-out bag.

At 1.3 pounds and 11.5 inches overall, it is small enough to strap on a pack or carry on a holster, yet big enough to tackle modest jobs.

As the company touts: “The Lil Trucker is a multi-tool that is the ultimate instrument for rugged outdoorsman, zombie-killing housewives, and survivalist adventurers alike.”

It was designed by firefighters with rescue workers in mind, and appears to be a handy, quite badass multi-tool that can accomplish a lot of cutting, smashing and wrenching.

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The body and blade are made from a heat-treated 1055 carbon steel, and it is guaranteed for life.

For a USA-Made product, the pricing is reasonable, starting at $69 for the tool alone. Accessories and a sheath add to the price.

This is a jack-of-all-trades that could help get you out of a pickle. And, of course, you can battle zombies, so you’ve got that going for you, too.

Learn more about the Lil Trucker Tool Kit here.

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