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Flashlights are an essential part of every survival kit. If the power goes out, or darkness surrounds you, you’ll need a flashlight to find your way, identify threats and find shelter for your loved ones. A flashlight not only shows you a path; it can signal searchers. It’s a firearm accessory that can blind an aggressor or help put your sights on him. It’s even a weapon when you have nothing else.

Nothing becomes more valuable than a strong, dependable light when the sun goes down and you are about half way through dressing and skinning an elk. At times like this a Browning flashlight is worth its weight in gold, not only because Browning has been in the flashlight business for decades, but Browning lights have always been at the cutting edge of technology for specialized hunting performance.

New for 2015 in Browning’s Black Label flashlight lineup is the Disrupter. Though no bigger than a can of soda, the Disruptor pumps out a stunning 2800 lumens of bright white light that reaches out 500 yards.

Its rugged all-aluminum construction houses a 10400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The anti-roll bezel profile helps prevent the Disruptor from rolling off a table. The lamp head incorporates heat-dissipating fins to keep the light running cool. Optically clear and scratch-resistant, the glass lens is built for years of rugged duty.

Three super-bright white Cree® LEDs provide illumination from 75 to 500 yards. Three red LEDs and three green LEDs are also featured for stealth, safety and night use. The Black Label Disrupter Flashlight features a thumb switch for momentary or continuous lighting. Select from high, medium or low output on white LEDs, plus green, red and fast strobe.

The Disrupter flashlight includes household (AC) and vehicle (DC) chargers, all cords (including USB) and comes in a rugged polymer case.

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