Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide
Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide

The new concealed carry law goes into effect July 1, allowing Mississippians to carry a concealed gun in a bag, backpack, briefcase or other items without a permit. The legislation has prompted more interest in concealed carry purses, according to ABC WTOK.

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“They want to be able to have that firearm, but keep it in a place that’s safe, where it’s not touching other things in their purse and they can get to it,” president of Modern Outfitters Eric Stubbs says. “They know exactly where it is, versus it maybe rotating around or moving around inside a purse loose.”

Modern outfitters sells a variety of handbags, in all shapes and colors, designed to do just that. Most of these bags look like normal purses, but they have a compartment to hold a pistol.

The best way to utilize one of these concealed carry purses is, if you’re going home at night or somewhere you don’t feel safe, have your keys in one hand, don’t be on your phone and have your hand on the weapon. Then, if anyone comes forward and tries to assault you or hurt you, you’re ready and prepared.

But there are some dangers to carrying your weapon in a purse. If you’re unprepared for the situation, and taken by surprise, you could lose your money and your gun.

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