The following is a release from TOPS Knives:

Tex Creek is a 34,000 acre wildlife management area which includes two national forests (Tex Creek is unit number 69 on the Idaho Fish and Game hunting maps). It is home to an abundance of diverse wildlife and is accessible starting about 10 miles from the TOPS facility.

Open range, high rugged mountains, waterways and large forests provide the hunter and fisherman a variety of terrain to acquire elk, bear, mountain lion, wolf, moose, mule deer, pheasant, turkey, quail, rabbit, duck, goose, steelhead and salmon.

The fact that this area is so close to TOPS Knives’ facility enables the company to field test in its own backyard. Since many of TOPS’ staff grew up in this setting, they have ample opportunity to evaluate the use of our knives/tools under the most adverse conditions.

The Tex Creek 69 is a great example of a high-quality, good-looking, work knife. It has a Coyote Tan Powder coat and comes with a quality brown leather sheath.

The handles are designed and built for a comfortable grip even after extended periods of use, and with our Rocky Mountain Bull’s-eye handle scales, you’ll have a solid purchase too.

The Tex Creek 69 is only TOPS’ second knife model to be offered with this new grip pattern.

Whether you choose the original Tex Creek, the Tex Creek XL, or the Tex Creek 69, rest assured that you have made a great choice.

Our VP, Leo Espinoza, originally designed this knife for himself. It was going to be his hunting knife for the season. It ended up being such a great design that TOPS had to turn it into a production model.

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