If you spend enough time in the outdoors, you run the risk of becoming the victim of an annoying and painful insect sting. Instead of letting an attacking insect derail your day on the trail, consider adding Stops The Sting! to your backcountry loadout.

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Most insects do not usually attack humans unless they are provoked. Many bites and stings are defensive. Insects sting to protect their hives or nests or when incidentally touched or disturbed (so hives and nests should not be disturbed or approached).

A sting or bite injects venom composed of proteins and other substances that may trigger an allergic reaction in the victim. The sting also causes redness and swelling at the site of the sting.

Insects and bugs can transmit diseases by simply transferring pathogens like Salmonella spp by contact. For example, in unsanitary conditions, the common housefly can play an incidental role in the spread of human intestinal infections (such as typhoid, bacillary and amebic dysentery) by contamination of human food as it lands and “walks” over foods after previously “walking” on contaminated items like feces.

Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and fire ants are members of the Hymenoptera family. Bites or stings from these species may cause serious reactions in people who are allergic to them. Death from bee stings is 3 to 4 times more common than death from snake bites. Bees, wasps, and fire ants differ in how they inflict injury.

Using the natural healing power of colloidal oatmeal, this neutralizing ointment helps reduce the painful irritation and itching caused by a variety of insect stings and bites, including bees, wasps, fire ants and mosquitoes. Packaged in an easily transported 0.37-ounce tube, Stops The Sting! is a first-aid essential to help keep hunters, hikers and gardeners doing what they love in the outdoors. Easily applied the moment an insect sting occurs, Stops The Sting! gives you one more weapon to fight back against insect attackers on the trail. (stopthesting.com; 877-322-4950)

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