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Many emergencies and disasters may require you to “shelter in place” – stay where you are.

It is important to have a shelter-in-place kit and shelter-in-place supplies to ensure that you can survive without access to basic goods & services: water, food, electricity, sanitation/hygiene, etc. The ability to shelter in place is essential to your emergency preparedness.

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This survival kit is an essential companion kit to the “10–Person SMALL OFFICE EMERGENCY KIT (10100)”. It is designed using U.S. Government recommendations to meet the needs of small offices and work groups in the event that a severe emergency or disaster lasts beyond a few hours. Each survival kit provides emergency supplies for 24 hours of emergency support for 10 people: emergency instructions,water and food (both with 5–year shelf life and U.S. Coast Guard approval), emergency thermal blankets for warmth/shelter and 12–hour light sticks for instant, long– lasting light without batteries.

It is packed in a durable, stackable box for compact storage and has a foldable handle for easy carrying.U.S. Government agencies and leading disaster response organizations recommend having adequate emergency supplies to support your staff for up to 3 days (72 hours).

The package should be kept in a secure and accessible location. Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Remember to see the product’s shelf life sticker for content replacement dates.


For maintaining proper hydration:

(20) 4. oz. emergency water pouches [5–year shelf life – U.S. Coast Guard approved]
For maintaining proper nutrition:

(4) 2400–calorie food bars—containing a total of 108 individual 200 calorie servings [5 year shelf life – U.S. Coast Guard approved]
For personal warmth/shelter:

(10) emergency thermal blankets
For light:

(5) 12–hour light sticks
For compact storage and easy carrying:

Packed in durable, stackable box with foldable carrying handle

Dimensions and weight: 14.25” x 5” x 11”, 12 lbs.

For more information about the product, visit here.

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