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Being the in dark and powerless is the last thing most people consider and plan for when preparing for a crisis. Whether it is a summer thunderstorm or something more serious that takes the power out, being in the dark can create even more hardship and cause increased anxiety. A portable solar generator can quickly get you up and running again. Companies provide a wide range of emergency solar power generators and kits for use in your home, cabin, apartment or motor home. They can be used as emergency power for appliances and other household equipment. A portable solar power can also be used on a camping trip for items you can’t do without like your laptop, power tools and lights. With the addition of solar panels, these emergency solar power generators are self-sustaining, with no external power source needed.

A portable solar power systems is especially ideal backup power, in that they can be moved and stored when not in use. You’ll find solar backup generators with solar panels and complete solar power and lighting systems.

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Portable solar power generation provides more features, advantages and benefits than conventional gas- and diesel-powered generators in these ways.

1. Whenever the sun shines, it provides free fuel.

2. Its silent operation is ideal for retreats and bug-in situations in apartments.

3. Batteries provide power when the sun isn’t shining.

4. There are no moving parts, which makes it more reliable.

5. When using sealed batteries, the unit requires zero maintenance.

6. After the initial purchase there are no ongoing costs.

7. The system requires no venting of exhaust (there is none).

8. The unit is ecologically green: no fossil fuel is consumed.

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