Chances are, if you work or live in an urban area, you spend a lot of time a fair distance above the ground. In built-up areas, real estate is at a premium, so the solution is to build upward. As a result, if faced with a building fire or active shooter scenario, the only reasonable avenue of escape might be a window.

If you are more than two floors up, the drop might be exciting, but that sudden stop at the end could be unpleasant. When stairwells or other evacuation methods are out of the question, it’s up to you to save yourself with whatever might provide a safe way to escape from high rise buildings. The earlier you can be prepared the better.

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Rappel to Safety

The SkySaver is a remarkably compact backpack device that stashes discreetly in an office or an elevated apartment.
It only takes moments to strap on the backpack and secure the crotch strap to put the SkySaver into action.
Snap the hook into a pre-installed anchor. Crawl out of the window and your body weight activates the device. The SkySaver safely lowers you up to 260 feet to the ground below at a docile rate of 2 meters per second. That is 25 stories in one minute. The SkySaver accommodates between 66 and 300 pounds. Heavier loads actually descend slightly slower. The largest SkySaver unit weighs 26 pounds.

SkySaver offers different models depending on your safety needs. Three are currently available with cable lengths ranging from 80 to 260 feet and varying weights between 18 and 26 pounds. While the SkySaver requires no advanced training to use, it would be wise to become familiar with how the device works before a disaster strikes. To find out if you can still operate it properly while under duress, do a run through with a friend or family member who can create a few fantasy, high-stress scenarios for you to practice. You’d be using the SkySaver as your personal lifesaver and get out alive device, so think ahead and be prepared.

Multi-Story Security

The practical applications of the SkySaver are intriguing. The SkySaver uses a steel cable that is resistant to heat and flames. In the event of a building fire, the makers of the SkySaver observe that a survivor could lower themselves quickly past a burning level of a building in much the same way you might run your hand through a candle flame without harm. When stowed, the SkySaver is so light and compact that it can stay out of the way in an office or bedroom with ease.

Inside the device, a central gear surrounded by smaller gears and the braking system are completely redundant. Lose one component and the others remain adequate to the task. The braking action on the steel cable is automatically engaged so that there are no extraneous controls or techniques to remember in a stressful situation. Just fasten the SkySaver in place and go.

The SkySaver device has been developed by the most respected security professionals in the world. As such, the device was subjected to grit, grease, dirt and saltwater and found to be robust and functional enough for hard use in extreme environments.

There is a primal fear associated with finding yourself on the outside of a tall building in extremis. Where previously there was simply no hope in such circumstances, SkySaver now offers a reliable, safe and effective means of egress in the face of fire, terrorism or a similar catastrophe. For that one time when things are as bad as they can get, SkySaver could indeed save the day. For more information, and to purchase your own, visit or call 855-759-7283.

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Summer 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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