As predators, we humans really cannot hold a candle to your typical house cat. Our teeth are not impressive and our claws are decorative at best. What firmly cements humanity’s position as the apex predator on Earth, however, is our simply breathtaking array of tools. Here are some of the most remarkable, cutting-edge survival prepper product entering the market to help you and your family weather the storm and survive what seems like the end of the world.

Outdoor Edge Harpoon
Outdoor Edge specializes in quality innovative cutlery appropriate for survival applications. Its Harpoon survival tool is a versatile knife that secures to either a green wood shaft, or to an included handle that attaches it to a standard broom handle to make a sturdy and effective spear. The blade incorporates holes to facilitate attachment to a shaft with paracord or connecting to a security line for retrieving the Harpoon. This single tool can be used as a camp knife, a survival tool or as a weapon. (; 800-447-3343)

Steel Will Druid 200
The Druid 200 from Steel Will Knives is a multi-purpose knife designed for campers, hunters, hik- ers and other outdoor enthusiasts. A full tang extends through the entire handle, providing durability and strength to the design. The 6.1-inch blade is made from 9Cr18MoV, a steel renowned for maintaining its cutting edge and corrosion resistance. At 11.61 inches in length, the Druid 200 is up for backwoods tasks like clearing brush, making tinder and even field-dressing game animals. The thermoplastic Elastomer handle fits securely in most users’ hands and has a unique groove design for control in dry and wet environments. The Druid 200 comes with a high-quality leather belt sheath. (; 877-969-0909)

Flir Scout II
FLIR is the recognized leader in thermal detection technology. The new Scout II handheld thermal sight puts state-of-the-art thermal capabilities into the hands of typical American citizens. The Scout II is compact and runs off on an internal rechargeable battery yet still brings comparable capabilities to larger, more expensive units. FLIR thermal detection capabilities can be game changers in a survival situation. A FLIR detector deprives a hostile threat of the capability to hide behind smoke, haze or light cover. The Scout II brings the same capability used by our warfighters to civilian scenarios. (; 503-498-3293)

Chiappa Badger & X-Caliber
Chiappa produces a pair of dedicated survival guns that bring some remarkable capabilities to the survivalist interested in a compact, versatile and reliable firearm. The Chiappa Little Badger is a tiny folding, single-shot .22 rifle that collapses into a compact package that will fit easily into a rucksack. The Little Badger carries its supply of ready ammo onboard in the stock, and it is railed for optics if desired. The Double Badger is slightly larger, sports wooden stocks and is chambered for both the .22 LR and .410 shotshells.

The Chiappa X-Caliber system consists of a folding 12-gauge shotgun along with a series of barrel inserts adequate to convert the gun to fire 11 different centerfire calibers as well as the .22 LR. These barrel inserts are also available as a separate kit designed to convert any break-open shotgun to fire these same rounds. (

Krudo KTC45
The KTC45 tactical cell phone case is made of black 6061-T6 aluminum, and it is a robust and effective way to tote around your smartphone. Unlike your typical box store case, however, the Krudo version also includes a slim, discreet titanium push dagger hidden in the back. The case also has a pocket where an Allen key resides for quick removal of the phone, if necessary. Now, thanks to the KTC45 tactical cell phone case, you’ll also never be unarmed. (727- 753-8455;

Streamlight Sidewinder
Streamlight has debuted a remarkable new line of rechargeable lights that are blindingly powerful and packed with features. The Sidewinder Rescue angle-head survival light is what other survival pocket lights aspire to be. Rugged and compact with selectable colors and a swiveling head, the Sidewinder includes a belt clip and a flat plate suitable for Velcro attachment. The housing is just about indestructible, and AA batteries power the light. The light is selectable between blue, green, white and IR modes, and it includes a sliding diffuser that renders the light directional should the tactical situation require it. (; 800-523-7488)

Delorme Inreach
InReach satellite communicators combine the indispensable utility of a GPS with a worldwide emergency communications capability. The inReach navigator has all the easy-to-use features you could want. DeLorme is a map company first and foremost, and the inReach combines with the Earthmate app (for access to full topo maps) as well as the Mapshare web resource so users can plan all aspects of an upcoming trip in advance and sync this information with the inReach prior to departure. The inReach features an easy-to-use interface and has several built-in navigation capabilities, including a digital compass, waypoints, routing, and a high-detail breadcrumb trail.

In addition to its navigation features, the inReach also offers texting services anywhere in the world through the global Iridium satellite network. The inReach provides convenient 160-character text messaging as well as interactive SOS communications. There is also an SOS button that automatically alerts the 24-hour GEOS search-and-rescue monitoring center. GEOS can coordinate emergency services interactively around the world. (

Solkoa Survival Kits
Any number of companies produce quality survival gear for the prepared American. SOLKOA Survival Systems makes the kits that America’s top-tier special operations units use. Bart Combs, founder of SOLKOA, has an extensive background in USSOCOM, as well as being an infantryman and aviator. He spent an entire career teaching high-threat survival and brings a lifetime of experience to his company. SOLKOA’s kits, like the Pro Survival Kit shown, are designed by professionals for professionals. Everything the company offers is as robust and effective as the state of the art will produce. As an example, SOLKOA’s SUMA Elite Kit uses a carrying case milled from billet that is tough enough to use as a shovel or cooking utensil. This gear is available as individual components, modules or pre-built kits. (; 719-634-1687)

Coast Light Knife
Coast is an established maker of lights and knives with decades of experience producing quality survival products. Right at the top of the list of must-have survival gear are a proper light and a robust blade. With this in mind, Coast produces a combination light/knife, the LK375, that blends a top-quality liner lock blade with a 110-lumen flashlight. The Coast light knife uses AAA batter- ies and is built like an armored fighting vehicle. (; 800-426-5858)

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
There’s a reason the term “Swiss Army knife” is a part of the English lexicon. Victorinox and its splendid little red-handled marvels pack a tremendous amount of awesome into truly compact packages. Everybody knows what they are. Victorinox Swiss Army knives are precision instruments ranging from a simple pocket penknife up to multi-purpose contraptions sufficient to repair almost anything on the trail. (; 800-442-2706)

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