After Kelly Bosaz repurposed an old wine barrel, she came up with these ideas to recreate a homemade barrel. Bosaz noted that a degree in engineering is not necessary to complete this simple homestead project. Basic skills, like working an electric sander “with the grain,” running a compressor-driven nail gun to attach the shelf that keeps the lid from falling into the barrel, and using a cordless drill for screwing hardware and wood into place, are about all one needs to make this project a suc- cess. To do it right, less than a weekend of time is all you’ll need.

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1. Cut a barrel in half and make two nice planters for herbs or flowers.

2. Make a water containment system that is fed by house gutters.

3. With a nice piece of butcher block on top, make an attractive outdoor table.

4. Two patio seats can be built out of two barrel halves and some scrap lumber.

5. With the right cut, transform a full barrel into an ice chest for outdoor parties.

6. Oak barrels can be used in all sorts of home decor projects and furniture.

7. Make pet beds, crates and even doggie feeding stations.

8. This one’s a no brainer– we’re fixing to make a nifty wine bottle rack.

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