If you’re trying to survive in the wilderness, harvesting wood is a critical skill. Whether it’s downing a tree for firewood or building shelter, you’ll probably need a saw at some point to save you time and energy in the process.

In this easy-to-follow video, Dave Canterbury, the highly respected wilderness survival expert and founder of the Pathfinder School, will prepare you for the unexpected to ensure your survival—in this case, by being able to make your own bucksaw to saw wood.

The first step in building a bucksaw is to make sure you have a saw blade. In the video, Dave uses a thin, flexible blade that can be stored in a cooking pot already in your bug-out kit, on the inside of your belt, or strapped to your back. It’s a lightweight essential that you should consider packing with some 36 bank line (as demonstrated in the video) or paracord.

Dave starts by cutting three main sticks and securing them together with little pegs. Between two of the uprights, he’s fitted the blade and then uses a mid beam and windlass to tighten the blade into the entire assembly. It’s a lot easier to watch Dave explain it than read that description!

Check out the video to see Dave build a bucksaw, and for more of his expert training, check out

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