Surviving doomsday scenarios like the power grid going down, horrific floods, the zombie apocalypse and the like will undoubtably call for steadfast preparations on the part of civilians at home and trail. Law enforcement and rescue personnel can only be stretched so far. But those life-or-death scenarios, let’s face it, are few and far between. The following pieces of gear are good to have around whether the poop is hitting the fan, or you’re simply going about your everyday routines.

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Solar Dog Collar
Preventing pet/vehicle accidents from happening to your four-legged friends just got easier with Brite-Strike’s new Rechargeable Lighted Collar with a solar and USB charging system on board. Born out of its law enforcement and military affiliations, Brite-Strike’s new collar helps locate, protect and identify your canine companion.

For daily walks around the neighborhood in low light, the hunting fields and woods at dawn and dusk, LE K9 missions or when you and your family are bugging out to safer ground, the Lighted Collar will help you (and unsuspecting motorists) keep visual tabs on your pal. The super-bright LED portion of the sturdy buckle collar pours out 9 inches (medium model) of can’t-miss light through its fiber-optic tube system. The light is visible up to one half mile away! Modes include “steady on,” “strobe” and “off,” with a 2.5-hour run time on continuous use.

The kicker is that no batteries are required! Even if you’re smack in the middle of a power outage, as long as there’s sun to be had, the collar will be ready to light up on a full solar charge after having contact with eight hours of sunlight. No sun? No problem! A full charge can be had in three hours when using the provided USB charger. The Sport Dog LED Collar comes in sizes small (11.75-17.75 inches), medium (15.75-21.5 inches) and large (17.75-23.5 inches), and is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. MSRP: $40

Everyday Light
Now that Fido has his 24/7 LED protector, it’s your turn. A first-generation Brite-Strike EPLI (Executive Precision Lighting Instrument) has served our homestead on many a mission. It rides everywhere I do because it looks like a professional’s writing instrument, carries like one, and yet it’s downright powerful! The newest EPLI uses the latest Cree LED with digital power management technology. That translates to the unit delivering maximum power and run time out of two AAA batteries. The EPLI’s highly polished reflector produces a 160-lumen (max output) color beam that closely resembles natural daylight. Set on low, the EPLI dishes out 80 lumens, and the unit also has a strobe function if you’re trying to get someone’s attention via light signaling or to disorient an attacker in a personal defense scenario. Blue, green and red lenses are also available. MSRP: $80.

Survival Key Fob
There is a plethora of paracord this and that out there on the market, but none have what Brite-Strike is bringing to the table with its new Ultimate Survival Key Fob. On the surface it looks like a basic paracord-style keychain with a handy compass attached, but dig deeper and you’ll find an attached APALS (All-Purpose Adhesive Light Strip) Line Light, a fire-starter rod, jute tinder, a mini knife wrapped with super-thin, 200-pound-test Kevlar line, two fish hooks, 20 feet of fishing line and 12 feet of paracord.

Simply hook the Ultimate Outdoorsman Survival Key Fob to your bug-out bag, hunting pack, backpack, purse or house/auto keys and you’re good to go. The fully submersible (waterproof to 200 feet!) Line Light can be slid off the carabiner hook and be tied or stuck via its 3M adhesive backing wherever you need it and can emit light on the following modes: “strobe” (fast or slow) and full “on.” MSRP: $40.

For more information, visit or call 508-746-8701.

This article was originally published in the NEW PIONEER ™ Summer 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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