The “swedish log” technique is when a log is split into four parts and then burned from the bottom to create a small towering inferno. Airflow in and around the log equals a strong burn.

This product is called the MITI-011 and made by SPORTES Inc., a small Quebec company. The cooking platform is built out of laser-cut stainless steel. According to Gear Junkie, included are four large steel rods that insert into holes and provide vertical structure for a burning log. The rods go into brackets at four corners. The whole setup comes in a pouch for transport, and it weighs about 2.5 pounds.

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To use it, split a log into four pieces (max 14 inches tall), insert the tabbed/bent pieces into the chops, and let the flat cooking surface rest on the log top.

MITI is a simple and tough tool for cooking outdoor, made in Stainless 304L 1/8 thick, lazer cut and bent.

It includes 4 anchorage steel rods to stabilize the lug, the MITI plus 4 rods weights a total of 1.130 Kg ( 2.5 Lb.)

It needs to be manipulated with precaution when using, wear cooking gloves and use tools for fire.

About SPORTES Inc.:
SPORTES Inc. is a laboratory for the conception of quality, reliable, low-tech outdoor accessories and tools. The ideation and development process of each product will be presented through case studies on this website.

SPORTES Inc. is a Montreal-based company (Quebec, Canada) commited to designing quality products, and to offering a unique user experience. SPORTES OUTDOOR TOOLS are aimed at outdoors enthusiasts, anglers, hunters, bush crafting and campers.Each piece is the result of a real-life adventure experienced by the founder himself or his collaborators. Our products are designed purposely using raw materials and rough finishes – The occasional scratches, rust, bumps, and other signs of wear and tear will only add character to your tools. They are mostly made here in Quebec, in semi-industrialized environments, by specialized local canadian companies.

SPORTES Inc. designs ”Tools for living outdoors.”

For more information, please visit SPORTES Inc..

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