A.G. Russell Barlow Knife

A.G. Russell is synonymous with knife excellence. He has a long history with blades of all kinds.

The Barlow knife also has a history of its own, starting in England in the 1600s.

Recently, Russell decided to create his vision of the classic Barlow knife.

According to Gear Junkie:

The Medium Barlow is the newest creation of A.G. Russell. The Medium Barlow’s first addition is its most clever–it looks like a traditional two-handed opening knife, but its long pull-style opener is cut in such a way that you can easily open the knife one-handed.

AG also altered the blade shape, giving the knife a very easy on the pocket spearpoint blade (the traditional clip-point blade has something of a pokey point at the top of the clip). Finally, for safety, he dropped a backlock on the blade.

To read more about A.G. Russell’s take on the Barlow knife, please visit GearJunkie.com.

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