Which disasters or attacks are you most concerned about? Natural? Chemical? Biological? Economic? The list is long, but of the numerous threats that we might need to contend with, the one that could possibly disrupt or even shut down modern civilization suddenly and most devastatingly, is arguably the loss of electrical power. Whether you like it or not, we are living in a connected, digital society that is dependent on electricity for everything from preserving our food to communications, security and banking.

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It doesn’t matter if the grid shuts down for the long or short term, locally or nationally; if the power stops, chaos is sure to rear its ugly head. There are plenty of ways our nation’s power grids can go down, including natural disasters or even an electromagnetic pulse attack (think Ocean’s Eleven sans Clooney). Are you prepared for such a disaster?

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We recommend that everyone have an alternative source of electricity or two on hand, such as portable gas-, diesel- or solar-powered generators. Depending on its size, a backup generator can help power major appliances, such as refrigerators, life-saving medical devices and other electronics. With an electrical generator, fuel and other supplies, you will be much better prepared than most to ride out the worst of it. But what if you’re away from your bug-in location? What if all you have is what’s on you when it hits the fan? Chances are you won’t have a generator strapped to your back, no matter how portable it is.

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Look no further than your very own bug-out bag, car trunk or desk drawer. Because you are always prepared, you have already packed your emergency kit with crank-powered devices that will allow you access to a radio for communications, a flashlight to light up the dark, and even a means to power and charge your other electronic accessories. Let’s take a look at a few useful hand- and foot-cranked devices that will keep you and your electronics powered.


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Eton Radio FRX3 – American Red Cross

Eton Radio FRX1

Midland XT511 Base Camp Radio

K-TOR Pedal Generator – The Power Box

K-TOR Pocket Socket

Kaito KA550 Multiband Radio

Gordon Crank Flashlight with Radio

Luminar Hand Crank Lantern


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