Fire is considered one of the “big four” necessities of the survival world. Shelter, food and water round out this important group. However, the one characteristic that sets fire apart from the others is its versatility. Fire provides warmth, light, protection and, most importantly, a sense of comfort when you’re alone in an unfamiliar place.

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The use of fire also directly complements the three remaining categories of the “big four” group. When fish or small game are plentiful out in the wild, an established fire can deliciously cook your catch to offer you a comforting taste of home cooking. Purifying questionable water by boiling it can put your mind at ease. Finally, the warmth of a fire will help you sleep more comfortably and soundly by allowing your body to recharge and clear your mind for the following day’s tasks.

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The ways to create fire are diverse. From primitive techniques like the bow drill to more modern tools like a thermodynamic fire piston, the number of fire-making tools on the market today is at an all-time high. The decision for choosing the right one for you should be based on your own particular emergency needs, space availability, intended environment and the device’s ease of use. You should always test out the products in the field and under several different kinds of conditions to fully test their ability to perform under abnormal situations.

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Fire is a powerful yet complex resource in nature. It can destroy and cause physical and emotional pain, yet it can also save your lives in innumerable situations. It goes without saying that fire must be respected at all times, but once you learn how to harness its life-saving abilities, you eliminate a huge barrier toward your ongoing survival.

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