Grillo Active is a product developed in Mexico City used to detect an earthquake and provide warnings up to two minutes in advance. The technology can be used to save lives and prevent structural damages.

Grillo, which means “cricket,” acts as an alarm system. The creators say, with a two-minute warning before an earthquake there’s time to do things like stop construction, shut off pipes, close elevators and of course, send alerts out to others who may be in danger. The product acts an an in-home alarm system and only costs around $50. According to Grillo, the average seismograph costs about $20,000.

Grillo is an earthquake warning system. Photo by Grillo Active/YouTube
Grillo is a system that gives you up to a two-minute warning of an approaching earthquake. Photo by Grillo Active/YouTube

Right now, Japan is the only country in the world with a national earthquake alert system. According to Grillo’s website, its goal is to “save all 13,000 fatalities and $12B in economic damages caused annually by earthquakes.”

But not only will Grillo act as a warning for an earthquake, it will also collect information to help scientists better study earthquakes. Right now, Grillo is creating the largest seismograph in Mexico and hope to move its technology to other earthquake-bound places around the world.

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