Some backpackers and outdoorsmen think they only have what they carry into the wild, but the smartest survivalists know what it takes to survive—utilizing the resources around you in the best possible ways. You have to truly think outside the box and consider using things in ways you never thought imaginable. Steel wool can also serve as tinder. Your knife can also be a spear for fishing. But these are just two examples.

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Dave Canterbury, an expert in the wilderness survival realm, founded the Pathfinder School and Self-Reliance Outfitters to teach people how to thrive in the backwoods with limited resources—and using those resources to their maximum potential. In this video, Dave Canterbury talks about seeing resources in a different light, figuring out better uses for them, and conserving to outlast Mother Nature.

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Dave uses the bones of a coyote carcass as an example. As he demonstrates, the longer, tubular bones can be used for awls and other carpentry-related tools; narrow, more pointed bones can be used for cutting and needles; pelvic bones can serve as fishhooks and other snares; while flatter, scapula-type bones are perfect for digging.

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Check out this quick video to learn more resource management tips, and for more of Dave Canterbury’s expert wilderness survival training, check out

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