It might sound corny, but a knife can truly safe your life, especially if you’re lost or stranded in the wild. It is, hands down, the most important tool you can have. So if you’re planning on going into the backwoods, or need to fill out your bug-out bag, what should you look for in a survival knife? Luckily, Dave Canterbury is here to help.

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Dave Canterbury is the founder of the Pathfinder School and Self-Reliance Outfitters, and he is a wealth of information when it comes to surviving in the wild. This is exactly why he’s so respected in the outdoor and prepper communities. In this video, Dave offers some of the features you should look for in a survival knife.

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Firstly, as Dave explains, you want a multifunctional blade that is also nearly indestructible. The blade should be somewhere between 5 and 6 inches long. This will provide enough leverage to cut larger items without being too unwieldy. Dave’s personal knife is a PLSK-1 Pathfinder Knife made by Battle Horse Knives in Ohio. His knife has a 5.25-inch blade with a Scandinavian grind. It’s blued to protect it from rust, and the spine has a 90-degree design for striking a ferro rod to start a fire. The PLSK-1 is also a full-tang design, meaning the blade steel goes back into the handle for greater durability.

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Check out this quick video to learn more knife-shopping tips, and for more of Dave Canterbury’s expert wilderness survival training, check out


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