Dave Canterbury, the founder of the Pathfinder School and Self-Reliance Outfitters, has dozens of tips and tricks up his sleeve when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. This is exactly why he’s so respected in the outdoor and prepper communities. In this video, Dave goes into great detail to explain how to saw a log in the wild without hurting yourself.

If you’re sawing a log on your knees, you’re tempting fate. Dave calls this position the “triangle of death” because of the blade’s proximity to your femoral arteries and crotch. If you need to saw a log, a smarter decision would be to use what Dave calls a “plumber’s vise.”

While crouching down, you simply position the log behind the knee of one leg and passing in front of the other. This way your legs brace the log securely and you can saw as needed outside of the “triangle of death,” downward and away from anything important. In fact, it’s easier to watch the video and perform a plumber’s vise than read this description—it’s that simple!

Check out this quick video to learn more about this neat plumber’s vise technique, and for more of Dave Canterbury’s expert wilderness survival training, check out

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