Mantis Knives and G&G Hawk have collaborated to bring you the MK-14 Vicious Circle, a portable knife you can hang around your neck. With 10 different finishes — including polished gold and stone washed — you’re bound to find the right Vicious Circle to match your style and needs. The curved blade is 1.5 inches and only weighs 1.55 ounces, which is perfect for on-the-go activities, emergencies, self-defense and more.

Having the Vicious Circle hang from a neck sling makes it easily accessible and with a tug, you’ve got the blade in your hand.

There are several different finishes for the Vicious Circle.
The Vicious Circle comes in several different finishes. Photo by Mantis Knives

G&G (Grant and Gavin) Hawk is father-son business that began making knives in Idaho in 1995. According to their website, they started designing small knives for local horseman and hunters — but doing knife shows piqued their interest in creating more innovative designs.

To learn more about G&G Hawk or see some of their featured knives, visit To purchase your Vicious Circle for a retail price of $65, visit

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