Looking to find survival gear that’s the perfect fit for your wants and needs? The BattlBox monthly subscription to tactical, survival and everyday carry gear may be what you’re looking for. The products come from a variety of companies and you’ll receive the real thing — not samples.

There are four different boxes to choose from to accommodate your needs and budget. The BattlBox Basic costs $24.99 and includes two to four items monthly. These items can be anything from manuals, emergency supplies, survival tools and more.

The BattlBox Advanced is listed at $49.99 and includes BattlBox Basic products along with two to four more pricier items. Some BattlBox Advanced packages have included tactical pens, hidden hand-cuff keys and lock-pick kits.

BattlBox Pro includes everything from both the Basic and Advanced packages, one to two extra items and free shipping. Listed at $99.99, expect to receive six to 10 items, which could include watches, tactical belts and concealed carry holsters.

As you may have already guessed, the BattlBox Pro Plus includes everything in the BattlBox Pro along with the knife of the month. This box costs $149.99 and also includes free shipping. Some knife of the month brands have included Kershaw, Spyderco and Leatherman.

Each box includes product descriptions, instructions, retail prices and information on where to purchase the products. To find out which subscription is for you, visit Visit to see previously featured BattlBox items.

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