If you’re looking to have every day carry survival gear on the go, the Scout Survival Kit Strap may be for you. Robert Wesley Page has launched a Kickstarter to fund his new Paracord Bracelet, which is a slimline, minimalist version of the Bug Out Bracelet and the SERE Sidekick.

The Scout Survival Kit Strap come in Slimline, Basic and Pro. The Scout Slimline includes a 10- to 15-foot paracord, nylon strands, fire steel, a fire striker and an emergency whistle buckle. The Scout Basic comes with everything from the Slimeline version as well as two small fishing hooks, an MSR Aquatab water purification tablet and duct tape. The Scout Pro includes everything from the other two bracelets as well as four ranger bands, an additional water purification tablet, a P38 can opener and a 30-inch Kevlar utility thread.

Some items are easy to deploy, like the whistle and fire striker, while others are woven into the bracelet.

Page is a U.S. Veteran and First Responder who used his training experience to design a bracelet to help others when in need.

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