12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff

The goal of 12 Survivors is to make reliable products that make outdoor survival significantly easier.

One of the company’s newest products is the GeoPath Hiking Staff, a modern take on the traditional walking stick.

The GeoPath Hiking Staff’s rugged construction and practical design appeal to both the avid outdoorsman hiking a treacherous trail, or the everyday walker looking for added support and protection.

For hiking excursions in regions with challenging terrain, the 12 Survivors GeoPath is essential for added stability and covering ground more quickly. For both climbing and descending, this lightweight, durable hiking staff features a twist-locking mechanism for length adjustment, an anti-shock mechanism with interior springs, a no-slip custom foam grip for added comfort and safety, and a padded wrist loop that provides reliable on-trail performance.

The GeoPath Hiking Staff also features a trekking basket for additional support, a durable carbide tip and snow basket for handling rocky and icy terrain with confidence.

The GeoPath Hiking Staff retails for $29.99 and is available now.

For more information on the GeoPath Hiking Staff and other products from 12 Survivors, please visit 12survivors.com.

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