The following is a release from TigerLady:

According to, “one in five women will be assaulted during their time in college,” and this figure does not begin to describe the abuse that occurs outside college campuses, and around the country. Today, TigerLady announces their innovative self-protection device designed for women. TigerLady provides a dual purpose; holding it provides a feeling of readiness and quiet confidence to the user, and when necessary, TigerLady immediately reveals itself to be a potent self-defense tool to shift the balance of power.

The TigerLady self-defense tool for women that is discreet and powerful.
The TigerLady self-defense tool for women that is discreet and powerful. Photo Courtesy of TigerLady

“We want women to feel safe and in control in every situation,” states Jeff Levine, co-founder of TigerLady, who went on to say, “holding this device will help a woman feel confident, and more aware of her surroundings.” Co-founder Evan Levine adds, “We want to give women discrete protection so potential attackers will be unaware of their capabilities.” Additionally, co-founder Josh Levine points to Federal State Department research that states, “89% of assaults did not involve the use of a weapon,” and “84% of assault victims reported the use of physical force only.”

TigerLady is modeled after a cat’s retractable claws, enhancing the most primal of protective movements: scratching. Once TigerLady is comfortably in your hand, simply squeezing the device immediately exposes three claws between your fingers. Hollow channels on the underside of the claws capture the attacker’s tissue for DNA analysis, so “you don’t need to see him, to ID him.” Weighing less than 2 ounces, TigerLady is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, and requires no maintenance. And, although TigerLady is non-lethal, it is effective and requires no strength, skill, or training – once TigerLady is in your hand, it is always ready.

The TigerLady defense claw is $29.00 for limited time at Regular retail price is $34.99.

About: TigerLady was developed and refined over the course of three generations, beginning with the basic design originally patented in 1978 by Al Levine. Jeff Levine, Al’s son, working with his wife Linda and his two sons and their wives, refined and re-designed TigerLady, filed a patent application on the new design, and will finally bring the product to market Spring of 2015. Further, the Levine family is proud to say that their product, TigerLady, is made entirely in the USA.

For further information about TigerLady, please contact Terri McCoy, President, Para Public Relations, LLC, [email protected] or 602-330-2047.

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