The latest in its line of lightweight, compact and ‘clipable’ tools, Screwpop® introduces the worlds most “clipable” — Pliers.

Cast from stainless steel, the Screwpop® Pliers are great in a pinch and a cinch to use.

Experience the “mega-grip” but in a micro package… the Screwpop® Pliers are built to last for years of rugged use.

Engineered for best ratio-to-size form and function, Screwpop® Pliers employ an ingenious gating system that permits them to clip almost anywhere: keychains, straps, cords, cables, rope and more! Take them with you.

Screwpop® – Pliers retail for $7.95 and is available for purchase at:

Great for Cutting:

  • Bending small rod
  • Removing stubborn staples
  • Pulling bike cables
  • Holding small objects
  • Tightening / loosening nuts & bolts and more!!!
  • Pliers: Stainless Steel
  • Size – 1/4″ x 1 1/4” x 3”
  • Weight – 1.3oz
  • Patent Pending

Screwpop® was founded to create lightweight, compact and functional tools that could be easily clipped anywhere.  For more information about the Screwpop’s® – full line of products, visit

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