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Developed by a Special Operations medic and battle-tested in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Sons Shield Trauma Kit from Safariland is a lightweight and discreet kit containing military-grade tools to treat trauma. This kit is available in two models. The SHTK-1 Intermediate kit contains gauze, improvised occlusive dressing, a secondary tourniquet, tape, and nitrile gloves. The SHTK-2 Advanced kit comes with all the same contents, but instead replaces the standard gauze with hemostatic gauze. The kit measures 4.5” w x 6” h and comes in clear heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl for operator efficiency. It also features a quick deploy ripcord. These kits are designed to last 24-30 months. MSRP for the intermediate model is $55. The retail price for the advanced model is not listed. See below for additional details.

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* Engineered to be lightweight, wearable and discreet, yet effectively treat trauma
* Battle tested and may increase survivability rate
* Machine pressure sealed in heavy-duty medical grade vinyl with Radio Frequency (RF) welded seams
* Designed to last 24-30 months
* Features a low profile, lightweight design that does not impede tactical movements such as crawling or maneuvering through small areas
* Designed for quick deployment, even in tight quarters
* Made of a clear heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl which allows operators to identify and retrieve supplies quickly as needed
* 4.5” w x 6” h and weighs only a ½ lb. with a thinness of ½” to ¾”

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