Spyderco's high-quality knife sheath
Photo by Spyderco
Spyderco's premium leather knife sheath for the Temperance 2.

Spyderco released its new premium leather knife sheath. The sheath is the same one that comes with Spyderco’s fixed-blade Temperance 2 knife. Sold separately, users can stock up on this durable knife sheath for their favorite Syperco knife.

It offers a classic, old-school alternative to the Botaron® sheath originally provided with the Temperance 2 and is fully compatible with both early and current production of that knife. It also provides a slightly oversized, though fully functional turn-key sheath option for Spyderco’s popular Mule Team knives.

Constructed of premium leather with a thick welt, this pouch-style sheath is double stitched and riveted and features a stitched, fold-over loop for convenient belt carry. Handsomely finished a rich brown color, it proudly features a stamped Spyderco “bug” logo on the face.

Spyderco’s mission is to develop tools with function and reliability being the priority. According to Spyperco’s website, in its “million-dollar testing facility we examine edge retention with a CATRA machine, look for rust development with Q-FOG, check the force needed to open and close a knife.”

The knife sheath has a retail price of $29.95 and can be bought at https://www.spyderco.com.

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