New Pioneer Fall 2015

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THE NEW PIONEER Fall 2015, issue #201



Homestead for Good Health by Tracy Breen
How switching to a farm-fresh diet enriched the Thomas family’s life in Michigan’s U.P.

Sweet Sonora Self-Reliance by Val Dambacher
Strong family and community show how your green ambitions can become reality.


Year-Round Microgreens by Barbara Delbol
How to yield big farmers market profits by growing organic greenhouse miniatures.

Breeding Backyard Heritage Chickens by Lyn Howard
Learn to raise your very own small flock for meat, eggs and more!

Organic Chicken Feed by Bill Hart
Take a bucketful of advice from some newbie pioneers

Mulch Mastery by Gil Lackey
Unleash the nourishing magic of mulch in your landscape.

Seedbed Prep by TNP Staff
Hunter-Savvy advice for getting the most out of your big-game food plots.

Wonder Wheat by Karrie Steely
For the tastiest, healthiest loaf of bread possible, grow and mill your own grains for baking.

Grow Exotic Fruit by Barbara Delbol
Want to start a small nursery biz? Use visionary Jim Gilbert’s pointers for success.

Grow Up With Grow Bags by Amy Grisak
Put handy containers to work year-round for healthy eats no matter your soil conditions.

Easy Peazy, Lemon Squeezy by Kelly L. Bosaz
Handy hints for growing and utilizing nature’s do-a-bunch fruit.

The Gardening Gladiator by Amy Grisak
Take the gloves off and learn to fortify your veggie zones against the toughest pests.

Raising Heritage Beef & Bison by Dana Benner
Learn from the owners of two small New England Farms that are the standard-bearers for doing it all as nature intended.

Water Work by Lyn Howard
Here’s a lesson or two on soil prep and how to make every drop count.


Build Your Own Solar Panels by Will Dabbs, MD
Harnessing sunshine at home isn’t too lofty a goal, especially with a Lofty Energy kit.

American Hybrid Homes – TNP Staff Report
How a Ukrainian immigrant is living both the American and sustainable dream!

Fully Charged House by Rex Ewing
How to pick the best off-grid batteries to power your homestead.

Build A Straw Bale Bunkhouse by Gianaclis Caldwell
How to construct your own low-cost, tiny charmer with renewable materials.


The Cigar Box Guitar Man by Barbara Delbol
Matt Havniear, the man brining sweet, three-string salvation to his fellow vets!

DIY Outdoor Kitchens by Melissa K. Norris
Now power? Too hot outside? No problem! Try out these easy-to-craft permanent, portable or solar backyard setups.

Patio Revival by Kelly L. Bosaz
Here’s a quick and affordable way to get a handle on outdoor stains.

Bourbon Country by Jereme Zimmerman
The buzz on how Kentucky’s craft distilleries are bringing sustainability to your snifter!


Pocket Saws by Denis Prisbrey
Tiny, trail-tough steel to give you an edge over any big outdoor cutting chores!

Forge A Handy Fodder Chopper by Bob Denman
Learn how to hammer out a vintage barn-bound hacker that’s safer and more effective than a cleaver or machete.

Sharpening Solutions by Jim Dickson
A blacksmith’s guide to honing knife and tool edges to hair-shaving perfection.

Avoid GPS Pitfalls by Gregory McNamee
Without these basic skills and tried-and-true tools to back you up, overly relying on technology can lead to disaster.


Make Your Own Great Escape by Amy Grisak
Get resourceful and build your own teardrop camper for under $2,000.

Long Guns For Ladies by Cherie Jones
How to choose the right rifle for taking game in the field and pesky ‘stead critters.

Knot A Problem by Gregory McNamee
At the end of your rope? Try these 10 essential knots, loops, lashes and hitches.

Woodsman’s Almanac by Keith Sutton
Sage tricks and advice when you find yourself in a back-of-beyond predicament.

Cast Iron Cookery by J. Wayne Fears
Sidle up to our pioneer campfire for Dutch oven dos, don’ts, buying tips and tasty recipes.

It Worked For Me by Tanya Kelley
Tips for long-term egg storage and more.

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