Prep for a medical emergency.
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Gunsite Academy can prepare you for an unexpected medical emergency.

Knowing your self-defense and firearms skills are important in emergencies, but don’t leave your arsenal of medical skills incomplete. Gunsite Academy’s 2016 Emergency Medical Preparedness course is now open for registration and will be offered from March 28 to 30.

In recent news coverage of natural disasters, riots and active shooters, it’s clear that medical preparedness is a something worth investing in. The Emergency Medical Preparedness course will be three days of learning from professionals who have been immersed in real world emergencies.

Classroom presentations and hands-on practice exercises will lead up to the challenging and fast-paced scenarios to prep you for the real thing.

Class Details

Duration:  3 Days

Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $1,955.00

Ammunition:  No live ammo. Simunitions gear and ammo provided.


General Requirements:

  • Heavy duty firearm with good sights, heavy duty belt, holster (Inside the waistband holster not allowed for 250 Pistol) , magazine carrier and 6 single stack magazines or 3 double stack magazines.
  • Flashlight with pressure switch or a light on your firearm.
  • Eye protection (dark and clear glasses)
  • Ear protection (plugs or muffs)
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, moleskin
  • Seasonal clothing, jacket, long pants, long sleeve shirt and/or rain gear, hat with a brim
  • (All items are available in our Pro Shop.)

For more information on this course visit or contact Gunsite Academy’s Training Director, Dave Starin by email at [email protected]. Download the class application here.

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