Looking for a practical, but fun way to survive the outdoors? Maybe a multi-purpose cooler or a personal tracker could do the trick. According to a article, all you need are four cool gadgets to brave the wild.

The Coolest Cooler comes equipped with a built-in water-resistant Bluetooth speaker system and phone charger, a blender, knife, cutting board and four plates. With these features comes a $485 price tag, available for purchase at

SPOT Satellite GPS

Another must-have is the SPOT Gen3 satellite personal tracker. If you ever do find yourself lost in the wilderness, this device increases your odds of being found using satellite technology. Special features include the ability to contact family and friends when your cellphone signal is not reliable and the option to allow family and friends track your whereabouts online in real-time. The SPOT Gen3 is available for $169.95 on

To read more about these and more gadgets necessary for outdoor excursions, be sure to check out Yahoo’s article at


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