The following article is a guest submission from Tim MacWelch

Beer can help you survive. Just ask Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska, who was stranded for more than 60 hours outside of town on Nov. 28, 2011.

While he was out for a drive, his truck veered into a snowdrift, and with no cell service he couldn’t call for help. He was wearing only jeans, a thin jacket, and sneakers.

Vial did everything he could to endure temperatures of 17 below zero. He insulated his clothing with random rags and used the truck’s heater for warmth until he ran out of gas. For nourishment and hydration … you guessed it, he turned to a few cans of frozen Coors Light.

Vial survived his ordeal thanks to turning his attention to an unlikely hero – a beer can. Check out these 14 ways to use one to survive.

With the proper know-how, a beer can could save your life. Survival expert Tim MacWelch demonstrates 14 ways to use a beer can during a survival situation (

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