Vivos 40-Foot Quantum Stainless Stell Shelter

The following is a release from Vivos:

After five years of development, our latest Quantum shelter is another leap in innovation and technology from Vivos, combining the cost benefits of a transportable structure by standard land or ocean container system carriers, with state-of-the-art design, long-life, durability, superior shelter strength and comfort.

In fact, due to the inherent structural strength of this 304 stainless steel system with a 7mm (nearly 3/8”) wall thickness, and a unique natural cylindrical shape; this shelter exceeds shelter pressure requirements, providing extreme over and under pressure performance. That means this shelter will withstand virtually everything either Mother Nature or mankind can throw at it, thereby providing you and your family the ultimate all-risk protection.

Measuring 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’ tall, Quantum provides a spacious interior space for long-term comfort and survival for 6 to 8 people, with a central living area, kitchen and dinette, and a private bathroom and shower.

With storage areas below floor and at both end caps, there is enough cubic storage area for up to one year of food and supplies for all shelterists.

The modular design allows for infinite expansion, with central vertical hubs, providing the ability to link multiple Quantum shelters together for virtually any size group or configuration.

From every perspective, the Vivos Quantum shelters are the most advanced private shelter system available, providing the ultimate life-assurance and survival protection for generations to come. Prices start at $39,900.

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