President Barack Obama will be featured on Bear Grylls' show.
Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls via Flickr Creative Commons
President Barack Obama will be discussing climate change in Alaska with survival expert Bear Grylls.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an appearance on the “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” show, according to a press release from NBC Universal. They will be trekking in Alaska in the expert survivalist’s special episode.

Grylls and Obama will be discussing the issue of climate change in Alaska. Grylls will also be equipping the president with resourceful survival tips. The taping is scheduled for Sept. 1 during Obama’s hike to Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. This episode is set to air on NBC later this year.

“Running Wild” is currently in its second season and features celebrities learning survival skills in different locations, including Panama, Utah and Colorado. Some of this season’s celebrities to adventure with Grylls include Kate Winslet, Drew Brees, Michelle Rodriguez and Michael B. Jordan.

Grylls is not only a survivalist expert, he is a former soldier from the British Special Forces and former host of Discovery’s “Man vs. Wild.” Who knows where his experience and drive for adventure will take the president.

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