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12 Survivors offers compact, everyday tools, as well as a wealth of knowledge on its website www.12survivors.com.

There seems to be no shortage of survival gear companies on the market nowadays as the preparedness movement has firmly taken the mainstream public by storm. People across all regions and demographics are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to have provisions and tools at the ready for critical incidents that may affect their routine way of life. One company has emerged as not only a designer and distributor of compact and effective grab-and-go survival and outdoor gear, but also as a leader in the personal empowerment and self-sustaining preparedness movement.

At the core of the 12 Survivors brand lies the message that its uniquely packaged survival, outdoor and adventure products are geared to help ensure that “we as a human race will live on…and together, we will last forever.”

One of the most compelling facets of the brand’s approach is that it places focus on instilling an altruistic personal creed while promoting the concept of fostering communities of diversely skilled survival group members first, and then introduces a formidable and very well-thought-out product line. The company’s mission statement spells out its agenda: “By manufacturing the necessary tools to promote a survival ethos, 12 Survivors’ products are intended, constructed and designed for everyday use by the active outdoorsmen and prides itself on upholding the principles of reliability, resourcefulness, honest values and leaving a legacy worth remembering.”

GROUP TOOL: The brand’s prepackaged, compact grab-and-go toolsets aim to empower users to fend for themselves and other members of society in a survival/emergency scenario. Of the 12 Survivors product line, the Knife Rollup Kit, which contains two fixed and folding knives, a small hand hatchet and a multi-tool, and the Medical Supply Rollup Kit, which is a field triage kit described as including “everything you need to save a life,” are two of the most versatile and compact product offerings. The Shire two-person tent also presents a very quickly assembled shelter solution that stores compactly when attached to the bottom of the heavy duty Windom 65 Hiking Backpack. The company has also bundled a wonderful Fish and Fire Emergency Kit within 7 feet of paracord attached to a quick-release clasp that locks onto the pack.

KNOW YOUR ROLE: To help determine what pieces of the kit may most tie into what “survivor type” you may be, you can log on to the company’s website and take the 12 Survivors Archetype Quiz at quiz.12survivors.com. The archetypes include the hunter, defender, explorer, medic, cultivator, naturalist, inventor, trader, teacher, jester, leader and philosopher.

The 12 Survivors brand freely offers great survival knowledge and philosophy while producing really nicely packaged products to boot. Check out the brand’s Survivors Creed, which is chock-full of wisdom for everyday living as well. For more information, visit 12survivors.com.

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Fall 2015 edition. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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