How do you ensure your bug out bag is stocked with all items you need? eBugout can help you with its new online tool to make that process a whole lot easier. Whether you find yourself enjoying the outdoor life or not, eBugout suggests everyone prepare a bugout bag for emergencies.

The online tool allows users to track which items they already have in their bug out bags, create a list of supplies they may need and price all the items. eBugout also breaks down survival categories to make sure you are prepared for anything.

One feature measures the weight and volume of your bag’s contents, putting you at ease before you click “checkout.” Those short on time may appreciate the autofill feature, which refills your bag with the least expensive items in each survival category. And if you are really impressed with what you’ve assembled for your bug out bag, eBugout also offers a social media sharing feature.

eBugout's new tool makes bug out bag building a breeze.
With eBugout’s new tool, there’s no excuse you shouldn’t be prepared for an emergency. eBugout Photo

eBugout has more than 300 items to choose from — including the bug out bags themselves — making the process highly customizable to suit your individual needs.

“Before making our recommendation to you, we wanted to ensure that these products could take a bug out beating,” eBugout’s site reads. “Items that did not make the cut were excluded from our tool and replaced with higher quality items.”

And checkout is easy. As long as you have an Amazon account you can securely purchase your items. eBugout receives none of your personal information.

For more information, visit To build your own bag, go to

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