American Frontiersman editors agree that every modern mountain man should have these products in his arsenal. Whether it be a padlock, a gun holster or food for your pup. To ensure you are a mountain man prepared for the hunt check out this list of goods. The featured products are from trustworthy companies like Crossfire and Purina. So get ready, and gear up for the perfect hunting experience!

For more information:

Montie Gear Hunter’s Friend:; 800-722-7987

Quicklock Padlock:; 801-331-8923

Tenzing BinoHolster:; 800-226-9868

Crossfire’s The Stealth Revolver Holster:; 208-461-8888

Purina PRO Plan Bars:

Federal Premium 3rd Degree:; 800-379-1732

This article was originally published in the AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN ™ 2015 issue #174. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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