Heavy flooding in eastern Japan has swept away houses, left residents stranded at the highest points of their homes and forced to be evacuated, according to an article from CNN. CNN reported that more than 170,000 people were evacuated and those who didn’t found their homes inevitably flooded by the intense waters.

Thousands were evacuated in Japan as a result of severe flooding that swept away many homes. Photo by CNN/YouTube

Tochigi Prefecture, a tourist area in Japan, had already seen rain from Sunday through Thursday, according to The Weather Channel. The heavy rainfall also contributed to the a number of Japanese landslides. The Weather Channel reported this forecast:

As the post-tropical low originating from Etau stalls over the Sea of Japan, the band of rain that has set up over eastern Japan is expected to continue into the daylight hours Thursday. This rain band, which is tapping deep tropical moisture from as far away as the Philippines, will dump additional heavy rainfall over parts of eastern and northern Japan.

So far, at least 121 people have been rescued, but there are concerns about the safety of Japan’s elderly population. Helicopters rescued people from the nearly submerged homes seen in the CNN video.

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