Survivor’s Edge, Winter 2016 Issue

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Survivor’s Edge Winter 2016 Issue


Take Action, Save A Life By Cara Donaldson
Quick reaction time and preparedness can mean the difference between life and death!


Emergency Waterway Escapes By Laura Lancaster
Evacuate after an urban disaster with a customized bug-out boat!

Escape the Quake Zone By Fred Mastison
Survive the tremors and aftershocks of a major earthquake!

Dig Out From Disaster By Kevin Estela
Escape a collapsed building with this do-it-all emergency kit!

Preserve Your Stockpile By Scott Conditt
Keep your survival supplies ready to provide emergency relief!

Displaced by Disaster By Russ Adler
Prep your family for a safe escape from any emergency!

Escape Killer Firestorms By Troop Emonds
Protect your home and family from deadly wildfires!

Pre-Storm Survival Cache By John E. Phillips
18 must-have items to prepare for weather disasters.

Wave of Destruction By Laura Lancaster
Escape the deadly fury of a 500-mph tsunami!

Emergency Power By Russ Adler
Bridging the gap from catastrophe to recovery with alternative energy!

Survive Extreme Weather By Will Dabbs, MD
Scorching heat or freezing cold can make any situation a life-or-death struggle!

Storm-Proof Security By Will Dabbs, MD
Cutting-edge shelters and safe rooms to keep your family out of harm’s way!

Taking Command By Andre’ M. Dall’au
Rescue Global’s high-tech efforts on the front lines of disaster save lives worldwide.


Mid-Air Crisis By Will Dabbs, MD
Improve your chances of surviving an emergency aboard your next flight!

Don’t Be A Victim By Clint Thompson
Lifesaving self-defense tools to help you stop an attacker anywhere.

Get Out Alive By Russ Adler
Escape sinkholes, rollovers and other off-road emergencies!

Survive A School Shooting By Fred Mastison
Lifesaving crisis plans for grade schools and college classrooms.

Critical Care By Joe Alton, MD
Treat life-threatening wounds when 911 is not an option!

Household Lifesavers By Andre’ M. Dall’au
10 items you already own that could save your life!

Citizen Saviors By Robert A. Sadowski
Nationwide CERT programs prepare you and your community to survive disasters!

Raising Survivors By Robert A. Sadowski
Community programs prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s emergency!

Everyday Security By Trey Hudson
5 steps to identify and stop deadly threats!

Invasion-Proof Your Home By Robert Jordan
Maximize your home’s security with these essential upgrades!

Storage Guardians By Richard Johnson
Secure your gear, weapons and important documents for quick access in any emergency!

Walking Off The War By Laura Lancaster
Warrior Hike takes veterans into the wild to overcome PTSD.

24/7 Protection By Cara Donaldson
Weapons and rescue tools to keep you safe at home and on the go!

Microscopic Killers By Will Dabbs, MD
Stay healthy and stop the spread of deadly viruses and bacteria!

Primed & Ready By Mike Beliveau
Avoid ammo shortages and save money with this beginner’s handloading guide!


Unite or Die By Robert A. Sadowski
Building your disaster team with Ultimate Survival Alaska’s Jared Ogden.

Gear Up To Survive By Jason Hunt, Ph.D.
Bug-out bags or get-home bags? You need both to stay alive!

Plan Your Escape By Robert A. Sadowski
Know the best routes to get home and to get out during a disaster!

Bug-Out Blades By Andre’ M. Dall’au
Essential knives and tools for any survival scenario!

Treacherous Heights By Robert A. Sadowski
Mountain climbing can turn deadly for the unprepared!

Backcountry Bear Defense By Bill Vaznis
Identify this predator’s territory and defend against a deadly ambush!

Tracking Your Prey By Fred Mastison
Hunt, fish and trap wild food sources to survive!

Fit For Survival By Clay Hibbard
10 ways to prep your body and mind for bugging-out!

Survival Psychology By Kevin Estela
Stay alive and mentally resilient when stranded off-grid!

Disaster-Ready Gear
Stock up and stay prepared for any emergency!

Build Your Own Survival Rifle By Richard Mann
Turn your rifle into a do-it-all backwoods lifesaver!

Call For Help By Scott Conditt
Emergency signal essentials to bring rescuers to you!

I Survived
10 true-life stories.

Print and Digital Subscriptions to SURVIVOR’S EDGE are available here.

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