As part of National Preparedness Month, America’s PrepareAthon! has released a video called “Cloud of Smoke” promoting the importance of prepping for wildfires.

The video features an anecdote from a wildfire victim from Carlsbad, Ca. At the end of a wildfire, the only items he and his parents had left were their two dogs and a couple boxes of belongings. The video was released for National Preparedness Month’s theme for its second week, which is wildfire preparedness and safety.

Wildfire preparedness is important to implement before it's too late.
Prepare for a wildfire before it is too late. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast/Flickr

To stress the importance of preparedness even further, a fire fighter says at the end of the video, “Have an evacuation plan. If you’re trying to prepare while the emergency is going on, you’re too late.”

The third week’s theme of National Preparedness Month is focused on hurricane safety and preparedness and will run until Sept. 19. From Sept. 20-26, the focus will shift to how to prepare for power outages. The events of the weeks will lead up to National PrepareAthon! Day on Sept. 30.

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