Anevay launched a Kickstarter Campaign for its new Frontier Plus woodburning stove. The Frontier Plus is lightweight and compact, according to the Kickstarter page, and designed to fit in tiny homes, vans, tents, tipis and sheds. It also features improvements from Avenay’s original Frontier Stove.

Anevay's Frontier Plus is a portable stove, small enough to fit in sheds, tents, vans and more.
Anevay has started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Frontier Plus, a portable woodburning stove. Photo by Anevay

The Frontier Plus is small enough to set up inside your shelter, but big enough to cook with multiple pans on its stovetop. It can also be used to heat any space. Unlike the original, the Frontier Plus has a bigger flue and a glass window so that the flames are visible.

More than 12,000 of the original Frontier Stoves has been sent out to disaster zones to help people in need, so it’s no surprise that Avenay wants to continue giving back. There will be a special HELP NEPAL Edition of the Frontier Plus. By spending extra on their purchase, customers are allowing for an identical stove to be sent and installed in a home or shelter in Nepal.

For the project to succeed, Avenay needs to raise at least $50,000 by Oct. 6. By pledging $461 to the campaign, you can get the Frontier Plus delivered anywhere in the world with an estimated delivery date of February 2016. For the HELP NEPAL Edition of the stove, a pledge of about $540 is required.

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