The American Red Cross is helping families affected by the wildfire season.
Photo by Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington/Flickr
The American Red Cross is working to help families impacted by the growing wildfires on the West Coast.

As the West Coast endures a severe wildfire season, the American Red Cross wasted no time responding to those in need.

California is getting the worst of these wildfires. On Sept. 14, more than 1,200 people in California stayed in Red Cross and community shelters, according to the Red Cross. The organization has also been providing meals, snacks, supplies and emotional support to the families.

The American Red Cross posted these wildfire preparedness tips on its website:

  • Post emergency phone numbers by every phone in your home.
  • Make sure driveway entrances and your house number or address are clearly marked.
  • Identify and maintain an adequate water source outside your home, such as a small pond, cistern, well or swimming pool.
  • Set aside household items that can be used as fire tools: a rake, ax, hand saw or chain saw, bucket and shovel. You may need to fight small fires before emergency responders arrive.
  • Select building materials and plants that resist fire.
  • Regularly clean roofs and gutters.

Click here to download the Wildfire Safety Checklist PDF.

If you or a loved one needs a shelter, visit The Red Cross has also created a Red Cross Emergency App available for download. To download the wildfire app, visit

To make a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief, visit

For more safety and preparation tips on wildfires and other disasters, be sure to visit

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