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Survivor’s Edge Summer 2015 Issue



Aware And Prepared
Outlast natural and manmade disasters!

When the Grid Goes Down By Robert A. Sadowski
Powering your family’s survival when blackouts strike!

Savage Encounters By Andre’ M. Dall’au
Protect yourself and your animals in a storm’s aftermath!

Battling Deadly Wildfires By Fred Mastison
Prepare your home and family to survive the realities of a wildfire!

Don’t Be Buried Alive By Fred Mastison
Landslides can destroy your home and trap you under debris in seconds!

Storm Shelters By Scott Conditt
Survive-A-Storm’s modern designs are built to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath!

Horror on the Water By Art Merrill
Stay alive in open water when vessels capsize!

Summer Sport Survival By Fred Mastison
Prepare for the worst to escape life-threatening injury!

The Road To Recovery By Sara Ahrens
Project Athena rebuilds survivors’ mindsets post-trauma.


Lethal Addictions By Will Dabbs, MD
Substance abuse is the modern-day plague you can prevent!

Transit Terror By Robert A. Sadowski
Stay alive during a train or subway emergency!

Guardians Against Disaster By Fred Mastison
Inside one of the most advanced disaster-training facilities in the world!

Sink Or Swim By Fred Mastison
Don’t drown! Strong swimming skills save lives. Learn at any age!

Stop the Bleeding By Fred Mastison
Save yourself with critical self-care skills and gear!

13 Bullpup Guardians By Robert A. Sadowski
In life-threatening home invasions, there’s no room for error!

Save A Life By Will Dabbs, MD
Know how to use emergency gear when seconds count!

Steel Security By Sara Ahrens
Choosing the right knife for personal protection.

Pocket Tool Chests By Denis Prisbrey
Multi-tools to get you out alive when disaster strikes!

Dangerous Heights By Will Dabbs, MD
Escape high-rise office and apartment buildings during an emergency!

No Surrender By John M. Buol Jr.
Rebuilding minds and lives after the horrors of post- traumatic stress disorder.

Crisis Gear
Security essentials to defend against attacks on you and your home!

Prepare For the Worst By Robert A. Sadowski
Fortify your home and community to survive any disaster!


Surviving The Wild By Laura Lancaster
Conquering deadly trails and dangerous wildlife on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Kill Water Contaminants By Laura Lancaster
Water treatment strategies to keep you alive on the trail.

Compact Lifesavers By Tim Stetzer
Wazoo’s wearable survival gear will help you get out alive!

Emergency Energy By Robert A. Sadowski
Harness sunlight to power up when the grid goes dark!

Attacked On The Trail By Fred Mastison
When hibernation ends, deadly predators come out to play!

Killer Bugs By Jay Pinsky
Keep disease-carrying insects and parasites out of your campsite!

Deadly Spiders By Fred Mastison
Defend against a life-threatening, venomous assault!

Survive Venom Strikes By Will Dabbs, MD
Defeat toxic attacks with critical-care antivenoms!

Backup Blades By Jim Cobb
Stealthy steel ready to cut or strike in an instant!

Neck Knife Emergency Kit By Jason Hanson
Instant access to essential survival gear at all times!

Bug-Out Boats By Will Dabbs, MD
When floodwaters rise, these watercraft may be your only way to escape!

Beat The Elements By Richard L. Johnson
Emergency survival beacons keep you in touch when disaster strikes!

Stay In Shape To Escape By Hugh Simpson
Prep your body for the physical demands of bugging out!

Extreme Heat By Will Dabbs, MD
Hot food in any environment with MealSpec’s off-grid cooking bags!

Paracord Protectors By Robert A. Sadowski
This lightweight, rugged cordage could save your life!

High-Frequency Destruction By Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta
Protect your electronics against dangerous electromagnetic blasts!

Disaster Defense By Michael Janich
Boker’s Tomahook delivers backwoods utility and protection!

Prepper Products By Will Dabbs, MD
Emergency-ready essentials to build a fire in any environment!

Gift of Life By Will Dabbs, MD
Organ donors provide a lifesaving option in the eleventh hour!

10 real-life stories!

Print and Digital Subscriptions to SURVIVOR’S EDGE are available here.

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