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Survivor’s Edge Fall 2015 Issue



Stay Alert, Stay Alive!
Protect against dangerous summer hazards!

Hurricane Horrors By Fred Mastison
Prepare your home and family for one of nature’s most violent events.

Tornado Tough By Scott Conditt
How one man’s storm-proof Jeep helped rebuild a shattered community!

Safe From Harm By Fred Mastison
Protect your family from killer storms and home invaders with a modern safe room!

Family Escape Plan By Pete McKenney
Reunite your family safely after disaster strikes!

Urban Evacuation By Jonathan Chang
Get out alive when devastation and disaster strike major cities!

Doomsday RVs By John E. Phillips
Escape disaster’s aftermath with survival-ready motorhomes!

Bug-Out Trailers By Will Dabbs, MD
Hitch up & go!

Deadly Storms By Fred Mastison
Survive lightning strikes, flash floods and other lethal thunderstorm dangers!

Stay Afloat By Michael D’Angona
Make it out alive when you’re stranded at sea!

Breathe Easy By Robert A. Sadowski
12 gas masks and escape hoods to protect you from toxic airborne threats!

Disaster Tool Kit By Johnny Walker
Stay safe on the go or at home with these must-have pieces of hardware!

Emergency Food Supply By Michael D’Angona
When the grid goes down, freeze-dried food or MREs could save your life!


Survive Workplace Violence By Jason Hanson
Set up your workspace to escape an active shooter!

Danger Ahead By Will Dabbs, MD
Save yourself and others from deadly traffic accidents!

Escape A Carjacking By Will Dabbs, MD
Don’t fall prey to deadly attackers looking to take you hostage!

Unite Or Die By Jonathan Chang
Forming a survivor network can mean the difference between life and death!

Female Firepower By Michelle Perin
The ultimate self-defense pistols for women!

Ultra-Tough Armor By Fred Mastison & Will Dabbs, MD
Modern, bulletproof barriers to shield you against a violent attack!

Everyday Protection By Michael D’Angona
Self-defense tactics to save your life!

Can You Save A Life? By Alexandra I. Wilson
Dark Angel Medical teaches simple, fast first-aid techniques.

Emergency Rescues By Will Dabbs, MD
Save lives when seconds count with CPR and the Heimlich maneuver!

GORUCK or Go Home By Robert A. Sadowski
Hardcore disaster scenarios to challenge your survival and team-building skills.

Dangerous Waters By Cara Donaldson
A day at the beach can expose you to deadly, fast-acting bacteria!

Hometown Security By Will Dabbs, MD
Protect your livelihood with the Small Business Administration and Agility Recovery!

Senior Safeguards By John Higgs
Disaster prep and planning resources for senior citizens.

Do-It-All Defense Shotguns By Robert A. Sadowski
These versatile survival weapons deliver high-power protection in any emergency situation!

Primed For Action By Robert Jordan
Protect your firearms from the effects of long-term storage so they’ll be ready to protect you.


Wilderness First-Aid By Will Dabbs, MD
SOLO’s medical courses train you to stay alive during any backwoods emergency!

Shelter From The Storm By Robert A. Sadowski
Be prepared anywhere, anytime with on-the-go emergency shelters!

Lightweight Lifesaver By Jim Cobb
Maximize your bug-out bag’s gear with this 20-pound packing plan!

Lifesaving Fire-Starters By Michael D’Angona
Master the flame anywhere with these bug-out-ready fire kits!

Emergency Solar Cookers By Fred Mastison
Harness the sun’s energy to cook, sterilize and stay alive!

Raising Survivors By Robert A. Sadowski
Prepare your children to react in a disaster!

Killer Big Cats By Al J. Venter
Surviving life-or-death encounters with mountain lions and other wild cats!

Automatic Edge By Will Dabbs, MD
Raven Crest Tactical blades are primed for medical emergencies and backwoods tasks.

Crisis Gear By Fred Mastison
Must-have self-defense tools to build your go-to survival arsenal!

Essential Axemanship By Kevin Estela
Enhance your axe skills to gather lifesaving wood for your survival needs.

Prepper Products By Will Dabbs, MD
Cutting-edge gear from the National Preppers and Survivalists Expo!

High Seas Rescue By Scott Conditt
Spyderco’s Whale Rescue Blade takes on high-risk animal rescues on the open sea!

10 real-life tales!

Print and Digital Subscriptions to SURVIVOR’S EDGE are available here.

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