When it comes to being out in the elements, situations can change rapidly and without warning. Having reliable shelter for whatever Mother Nature throws at you is one of the primary survival essentials when preparing your emergency kit or bug-out bag. You might need to take cover suddenly while on the go, so while safe rooms and storm shelters have you covered at home, portable shelters are important to have as well. Furthermore, a time may come when you’ll have to create shelter with just what you are carrying or what you can find in your surroundings. The bottom line is that you must be ready and able to create a safe haven for you and your family anywhere and at anytime, and these shelters can offer you a lifesaving option when seconds count.

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Marmot Force 2P:; 888-357-3262

Turtle Tuff:; 801-623-3288

SOL Emergency Shelter Kit:; 800-324-3517

Vango Storm Shelter 800:

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy:

Space Emergency Blanket:; 800-423-1233

Lifesystems Survival Shelter:

Savatech Hazmat Control Shelter:; 888-436-9778

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